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We are a provider of choice for International Business facilitation, IT strategy and big-picture organizational problem-solving.

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We address some of the most pressing International business and IT challenges and continue to develop new solutions. We get to know your strengths, history, current needs and market. Together, we curate customised intelligent solutions to assist you to expand into new markets and also help you identify IT systems and applications that align with your business goals and formulate a comprehensive plan for implementation.

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Our Philosophy  

Sustainable Long-Term Solutions

We work with our clients collaboratively to identify and propose the best possible solution that will serve their current as well as future business needs. We believe our success directly resonates with the success of our clients.

Area of Focus

International Business Consulting & Strategy

Our Business consulting service is specially focused on formulating and implementing strategic business intelligence facilitation models for start-ups, SME’s or shareholder investors seeking investment opportunities, growth or expansion into the West African business environment. 

Market Research & Feasibility

We will assist you by conducting unbiased and comprehensive market research aimed at forecasting

Project Management

Our project support and delivery services span project management and execution to ensure successful

Trade & Investment Facilitation

We provide trade and investment facilitation services enabling shareholder investors to invest in Agriculture..

International Business support

Globalisation is paving the way for the surge in new business partnerships, channel development, distribution...

Risk Advisory

Procuring proper licenses and papers to start and smoothly run a business can be a very daunting task!...

Market Entry Strategy

Evolving by 

Engineering the Future

Over the years, we’ve partnered with businesses spanning various domains, industries and technologies and helped them build outstanding products and services to drive performance, build resilience and evolve before market demand. 

  • Website Design

    Custom Software Development

  • Software Testing & QA

    Software Testing & QA

  • Mobile & Web Development

  • Application Migration

    Cloud Infrastructure & DevOps

  • Big Data & Business Intelligence

  • Blockchain Consulting

  • Internet of things

    Internet Of Things

  • Business Intelligence

    Data Science & Machine Learning



Our experts have built sustainable agricultural exports to strengthen intraregional trade. Our actions are driven by market demand, ensuring sustainability: 


From addressing tactical issues to managing complex cross-border strategic projects, we have the experience and resources to..


The global mining industry faces significant challenges brought about by ever-changing

Commodity Trade

The commodity trade of Henry & Steel aims to establish linkages between agricultural and commodity 


Our impact investment and sustainability specialists present our partners with ESG risk
assessment services. 


Commodity Trade


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ESG Analytics

ESG Analytics

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