Our experts have built sustainable agricultural exports to strengthen intraregional trade. Our actions are driven by market demand, ensuring sustainability: we help businesses meet market needs by improving value chains and fostering linkages between buyers and sellers.

Building inclusive and sustainable agribusiness value chains in the United Kingdom and West Africa. We offer domestic market solutions to identify opportunities to acquire, maintain, add, create, and allocate value in order to maximize the agricultural sector’s contribution to socio-economic and economic development. The emphasis is on inclusive and sustainable practices that meet the requirements of both manufacturers and buyers.

Henry & Steel  is strengthening the ability of producers, exporters, policymakers, and buyers to engage in more sustainable production and trade, with a focus on:

Improving Compliance with Resilience:  sustainability map and networks provide comprehensive, validated, and transparent information on voluntary sustainability standards.

Improving quality and phytosanitary compliance:  complying with standards, technical regulations, sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures, providing after-sales services and in obtaining internationally recognized certifications.

Promoting agribusiness:  helping to design and implement an agribusiness support program for small and medium-sized businesses.

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