Trade & Investment Facilitation

Trade & Investment Facilitation

We are a provider of choice for digital engineering strategy and big-picture organisational problem-solving. We’ll bring a unique perspective to your business and tackle long-standing challenges helping you achieve a future with unlimited possibilities.

Since 2016, we have been addressing some of the most critical IT challenges and continue to develop new solutions. We get to know your strengths, history, current needs, and market. Together, we define the problem and create goals to solve it.

As a client, you will find a team of technology experts working with you to identify a business need, based on rigorous analysis, then design and deliver the best, most efficient IT services and solutions the industry has to offer.

Our Objective is to build on your considerable strengths to ensure that you blossom to be a leader in your industry.

Our services within Trade & Investment  include:

  • The provision of relevant, reliable information to investors and traders;
  • Advise investors on local regulatory compliance and the general business environment
  • Assistance to foreign investors for company formation and the application of business permits
  • The facilitation of joint ventures between the investor and local partner;
  • Assistance with applications for investment incentives availed to investors by government
  • Tender Opportunities
  • Trade Agreements
  • Missions & Exhibitions
  • Letters of Credit