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    Elementor Pro

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    Elementor is The Platform Web Creators Choose to Build Professional WordPress Websites, Build Professional Websites and Elevate Your Page Speed All within Elementor. Visual Editing. Premium Support. Global Widget. Lead Collection. SSL Secure Payment.

  • Glider

    Glider – Slideshow & Slider for Elementor

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    The Glider is a slider widget for the Elementor Builder. It is easy to use and flexible widget that can make your site more engaging and interactive. Clear settings allow you to configure the slider and get the desired result in a short time.

    The Glider is fully responsive and supports touch and swipe navigation as well as mouse drag for desktops. It even accelerates to keep up with your pace when you click through previous and next navigation. All animations are hardware accelerated for a smoother performance.

  • Imager – Advanced Image-Box for Elementor

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    Add magic to your site with the cool Imager WordPress plugin. The plugin creates the infoboxes, image boxes, products and makes them move, flip, twitch as it supports different types of animation. At the first sign, it looks like a regular image/infobox, but on hover, it animates with different effects that definitely engage your visitors’ attention to your content and leaves a great impression of your site.

  • Ecommerce

    Kema Hair E-commerce Web Development Project

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    Web Design & Development for Kema Hair. The project will focus on developing an e-commerce platform where customers will have access to products and services rendered by Kema.

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    Web Development Compensation for Olive

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    Henry & Steel will develop your professional and responsive Wordpress, Wix and Shopify with SEO optimisation, blog, portfolio and much more