Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Room Booking

Key Challenges

  • Reduced office productivity
  • Lack of a common system
  • Increased operational cost
  • Lesser scope of collaboration
  • Disordered workflow
  • Monitoring of facilities


The pace of IoT innovation is accelerating. The user pool is growing, and new capabilities to how IoT can transform an office seem to be added all the time. There is a growing list of what IoT can be used for today, including:

  • Find a colleague in a different part of the building
  • Locate an open conference room or workstation based on your current location or shortest distance to the available resource
  • Pinpoint a meeting room with the right tech set-up
  • Monitor the air quality or temperature of a specific floor plan or meeting room
  • Automatically book meeting rooms or hot desks just by entering a room or sitting at the desk
  • Create real-time dashboards about utilization of the floorplan in full context
  • Provide facility managers with sensitive data usage data for future planning